Life Transitions

Very little can be said that is true of all lives, but one thing that’s universal is change. Nobody gets through life without facing change. Some of those changes are ones we seek out. Others are changes we are forced to navigate. Either way, moving through transition from one state to another, from one position to another, requires rethinking a lot of what we’ve previously taken for granted, or what others have taken for granted about us.

If you are facing a major life change, whether it’s one that you’ve sought out or one that feels like it’s happening to you, I can help you manage the process so that you are happy and whole when you emerge at the other end. We’ll work on clarifying your goals, desires, and fears and make plans that will serve you now and into the future.

Some kinds of life transitions that I can coach you through include:

  • Career transitions
  • Relationship transitions
  • Transitions related to how you present your identity in the world
  • Planning for end-of-life transitions

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