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bound mockup 2I’m the author of Bound: A Daughter, A Domme, and an End-of-Life Story (She Writes Press, coming August 13, 2019) which tells the story of my relationship with my mother during her late-life sexual awakening and the terminal illness that robbed her of her dominance.  I’ve been writing critically about sex and society for over twenty years in contexts ranging from academic journals to blogs and social media.

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I’m also a sociologist and SUNY Chancellor’s Award winning faculty member at Nassau Community College, where I bring real life into the classroom in ways that engage a diverse population of students and inspire them to transform their lives and their communities.

Lastly, I’m a life coach and aspiring death doula. Sex and death are two of the things I think most about, and they also share more in common than you might think. Issues of negotiation and consent, institutional support or discrimination, of culture and social change are central to discussions of each.

Join me in creating space for conversations about living and dying, about sexuality and death, about how to live life to the fullest while preparing ourselves for the inevitability of the end. Want to know more about my writing and coaching around these issues? Use the menu at the upper left to get started!


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