Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

Whether at work, at home, or in our communities, we face and conversations we’d rather resist or avoid. You might feel uncertain about how to start the conversation or worried about how the person or people you need to talk to will react. You might have concerns about the outcome of the process.  Let me help you frame and conduct those conversations so that everyone involved is given the space to listen, be heard, and to reach a shared understanding.

While not every difficult conversation concerns a conflict, conflict resolution frequently involves difficult conversations. Either way, productive conversations take planning and preparation. Talking about difficult or uncomfortable subjects can take practice. It’s often best to rehearse what you want to say and to practice your listening skills before diving in. This is where a coach can be helpful. I can work with you in a nonjudgmental setting to help you start the conversation with confidence.

Some common and important conversation topics that people seek coaching on:

  • Relationship changes
  • Sexuality
  • Workplace, family, or community conflict
  • End of life wishes

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