Pub Day = T-31 Days and Counting

I ordered an Apollo 13 dress to wear for this post but I had to return it for a different size and the correct one hasn’t arrived yet. (Hint: My body dysmorphia had caused me to order too large.)

Here’s the big news. We’re counting down to publication day for Bound: A Daughter, a Domme, and an End-of-Life Story, and we’re just one month away. So many of you have shared your excitement with me privately or publicly, and I can’t tell you helpful that is as I contend with the emotional whiplash of pre-publication jitters.

Some news:

  1. The book is printed! My own copies are on their way, which means that they’ll also be arriving at bookstores and Amazon before too long. Some of you might get yours before the official August 13 publication date!
  2. Bound got coverage in Sexual Health Magazine’s July Issue, which quite synergistically contained features on pornography featuring older adults made by jessica drake and Joan Price, and on advocacy by Ericka Hart aimed at eliminating stigmatization and marginalization of queer people, people with chronic illness or disabilities, and people of color (and people whose lives exist at the intersection of those experiences).

A plea for help:

I need to build buzz around the book. Here are some things you can do.

  1. If you’ve ordered the book, please take a photo with it when it arrives. Be creative, be comfortable, be yourself. Post the photo to whatever social media channels you favor and use the #BoundMemoir hashtag.
  2. If you’ve ordered the book, please review it! Amazon will only accept reviews on or after August 13, but if you want to review early, you can do so on or Both require accounts, but they’re both free.
  3. If you haven’t ordered the book, that’s a great place to start! Ask for it at your local library, order it from your local bookstore, or you can find it online at my favorite local bookstore or on Amazon.

Want to join my buzz builder team? Let me know how you can help by filling out this form. It’ll only take a couple minutes and you should only answer yes to the things you truly feel comfortable with. I’m grateful for all the different kinds of support that people can offer.

Thank you for all the energy, support, and enthusiasm you continue to bring to this important project. Together we can start and sustain important conversations around aging, illness, sexuality, caregiving, power, inequality, and health care. The quality of our lives, and of our deaths, depends on it!



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