Bound’s NYC Book Launch!

Help me celebrate the launch of Bound with fizzy water, wine, snacks and stories at my Kew Gardens neighborhood bookstore, Kew and Willow. I’ll talk a bit about why I put these words on paper, some of the unexpected lessons I learned along the way, and why I believe that by sharing our stories we can change the world.

Can’t make it to Kew Gardens? Maybe you can join me in Philadelphia, Boston, or Providence! Philadelphia is where this story takes place, so I can’t wait to bring the book to a place so close to where my mother lived, and died, and where so many continue to remember her. Harvard Square was one of my hang outs as a grad student. It’s a thrill to be able to return there as an author after so much time browsing the Coop as a reader. And in Providence’s AS220 space I’ll be sharing my story with the amazing folks from The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health! More to come on these events as they get closer. Stay tuned!

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