Hate, Love, Resistance & Change

It’s hard to know where to begin.  Last week began with news about pipe bombs being sent to Democratic leaders and news agencies. When a suspect was arrested on Friday he turned out to have a long history of racist, homophobic hate speech to his credit. In the middle of the week, and largely lost […]

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The Trouble With Talking About Sex and Death

One of my personal missions is to open space for people to talk not just about sexuality but also about dying, and specifically about the ways that their end of life plans take sexuality and intimacy into account. Conversations about end of life wishes are incredibly hard for many of us. Conversations about our personal sexual or intimate needs are often also difficult. How can we possibly talk about both at the same time?

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I find inspiration in many places. This gallery is made up of photos I took during a recent trip to Puerto Rico. These shots were all taken in the old city of San Juan. Over the next several days I will each day take a photo from this set and share with you the reflections […]

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