My First Time – With Scientific American!

I think this publishing journey is going to be so filled with first times that I need to create a “First times” category just to keep track of all the posts.

This week was exciting for many reasons, not the least of which was my first guest post for Scientific American‘s “Observations” blog. I wrote it a few weeks ago and waiting for it to go live was harder than I expected. In the world of academic journals, authors commonly wait months after acceptance (which can itself take months) before their work is online or in print, so you’d think that a few weeks would feel like nothing, but instead it felt like ages. Maybe that’s partly because Scientific American is one of those sources that I never thought I’d have a chance with. When my publicist, Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, of Smith Publicity, suggested it, I thought of it much the way I might have thought of a crush when not only did I imagine I was “out of their league” but I also was pretty sure I was “not their type.” (Contrast this with my dream of landing a piece in the New York Times. I’m definitely their type, but fear I’m not in their league.).

Anyway, all of that is to say: I was happily wrong. You can read the article, “BDSM as a Tonic for Serious Illness,” here:

Who knows, maybe SA’s Observations and I will have a second date!

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