These Women Know How To Ask Good Questions

Like I said yesterday, this was a big week. Not only did I have my first (publication) date with Scientific American‘s “Observations” blog, but also, the very thoughtful interview I did with She Does the City went live.

She Does the City is a Toronto-based women’s web site filled with articles on health, sex, relationships, and living life to its fullest. The women who run the place describe themselves as, “a band of vibrant and imperfect souls” who “share stories that we hope will inspire a full life—one of adventure, inspiration, and passion.” They say they are “still trying to wade our way through the muck just like everyone else,” and acknowledge that “as challenging and messy as the journey may be, it sure as shit isn’t boring.”

I liked these women as soon as I read about them.

And I liked them even more after I read the questions they wanted me to answer for our interview. Not only did they refuse to sensationalize the BDSM aspect of the story, as has happened before, they dug deeply into the caregiving and family elements of the story while allowing the sexuality theme to remain important.

You can read the interview, “Why Caring for My Dying Mother Meant Supporting Her Sexual Awakening,” here:

I’m so glad I had the chance to talk to these women and you can bet I’ll be reading their site more often. I hope you might, too.

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